This project is a labor of love, trust, and mutual co-liberation. We have collected these resouces communally and individually, through networks, in classrooms, from the streets, and years of research both embodied, in the library, and from our ancestors.

We want to emphasize that this knowledge is not new, the climate crisis is a symptom of grave injusticies 500 years in the making. As such, our work builds on, and from a long history of racial justice, diability justice, transformative justice, abolition, queer liberation, and so much more.

Please consider supporting the efforts of the numerous grassroots organizations listed in this website. 

If you’ve benefited from this website and feel inclined to contribute to our ongoing works, feel free to contribute here.

Many of us are seeking *paid* projects to consult, assist, and work on. For our individual expertise and contact information, please view our profiles.