Our Vision:

Far too often the climate crisis that is presented is full of doom and gloom. This project seeks to thwart this narrative by presenting real ongoing futures that do live and can live outside the racial capitialist project.

The Cooperative Climate Futures Project seeks to support the mobilization towards climate and environmental justice by:
  1. presenting a vision of what an equitable, ecocentric, decolonial, feminist future looks like,
  2. providing a pool of knowledge and resources on transformational systemic solutions to tackle the climate crisis,
  3. amplifying the voices of frontline grassroots organizing,
  4. prioritizing assistance for youth, activists, and organizers in the climate justice space and beyond, and
  5. using accessible language, resources, and programming to create an inclusive educational, yet action-oriented space.

We do this work through a decolonial, Black Queer Feminist, and Just Transition framework. These frameworks are laid out in detail here. These frameworks make it clear that while envisioning a sustainable world is critical to tackling the climate crisis, the solutions already exist and have existed for thousands of years. With that in mind, this project intends to uplift the communities and organizations already doing the work to create a sustainable and equitable future.